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There are better options than foreclosure. Alternatives can save your family’s financial future! A Certified Distressed Property Expert will show you how you can be on the road to recovery more quickly. Please don’t wait! The financial consequences of ending up with a foreclosure on your record can be enormous. An agent who has earned the CDPE designation knows how to help.

You MAY be able to complete a short sale without missing any payments! If this can be done, your credit will likely not be affected and you can be on the road to recovery much more quickly. You can even be eligible for an FHA loan immediately. Please click here to email Pia Soper, or call 661 645 5556to discuss your options.

Loss of employment, reduced income, business failure, severe illness or death in the family, relocation, divorce, military service, payment increase or mortgage adjustment, insurance or tax increase, separation, incarceration, inheritance of property, damage to property and often just too much debt,may all lead to an inability to keep up with financial obligations.

No-one group has been immune in our current economy to facing foreclosure. From the wealthiest among us to the poorest, unforseen or even forseen problems have forced us to weigh the options available. Many of us, regardless of loan type, loan amount, or purchase date of our homes, can find ourselves in a financial bind – more often that not, through no fault of our own. It can happen as quickly as in a couple of months.

It is not long before the mortgage payment, including the penalties, pile up and continue to get ahead of us, month after month, made worse if credit cards are used to attempt to make up shortfalls initially.

Please, even if you are not behind in the payments on your mortgage yet, but debt is building, and you know there is a possibility for it sooner than later due to any of the above, begin the process of approaching a short sale or other option with your certified distressed property expert. Though it may not seem like it, the less anxiety ridden the whole process may be. If left till the bills have piled up, credit cards are maxed out, the creditors are calling, and the emotions are worn down, there will only be further deterioration of your hard earned credit rating, and worse yet, further deterioration emotionally which can affect the whole family.

While there are other options of avoiding a foreclosure, (and you should consider then all) short sales currently hold the key for those who simply cannot make up missed payments and penalties. Certainly, the loss of a family home is emotionally exceptionally stressful, but the ultimate affect on your credit rating, and your ability to regroup will be much easier after completing a short sale, than it usually is with a foreclosure on your record.

See “Avoiding Foreclosure” by clicking here for further information, and call Pia Soper 661 645 5556 as soon as you think there is a likelihood of losing your home, to understand what approaches are best for you. Every case is different. No short sale is the same. I am qualified to assist you and have assisted home owners through this process both in the 1990 Savings and Loan crisis, and am ready to assist you in every way I can now.

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