Santa Clarita housing market 2013

How’s the Market?

The answer to that questions is that the Santa Clarita housing market 2013 is looking up!  Great news for all of us.  Following market trends which began in 2012, housing sales are up and housing prices are rising.  More and more standard sales are becoming the housing market trend, and Santa Clarita  foreclosures are at a minimum.  Short sales  have seemingly also peaked, and most short sale inventory that existed has now closed or is closing. Please click here for a further analysis of  how’s the market in Santa Clarita.

Many Santa Clarita homeowners who have been under water for the past years are finding themselves beyond treading water and are finding themselves with equity again.  Together with many new loan programs, especially for home owner loans that are government backed,and an upward trend in the Santa Clarita housing market for 2013,  home owners are able to refinance at good rates and and begin breathing again.

Please click below for a full report on the economic outlook for Santa Clarita in 2013.

Santa Clarita Economic Report 2013

Santa Clarita housing market Trends 2013

The typical Santa Clarita housing market trend so far for 2013  is for low inventory with very low days on the market (DOM) for those Santa Clarita homes for sale.  If a home is priced well, it will sell for at least the asking price or higher by at least 1%.  No longer are sellers waiting for an offer.  Instead they have a steady stream of eager home buyers viewing their homes, and they are being presented with multiple offers.  While buyers compete with each other, the seller is sorting through an assortment of offers from FHA offers with low down payment, 10% down or more, or cash offers closing within a 2 to 3 week period.  This trend is found throughout Santa Clarita, whether in the communities of Santa Clarita like Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Newhall, Saugus, Castaic, Canyon Country, Agua Dulce or Acton.